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How to care for your tattoo - Tattoo Aftercare

Infinity Tattoo Aftercare

Thank You for choosing Infinity Tattoo Parlor. Your aftercare is a very important part of your tattoo. Please read and follow these instructions and your tattoo will be happier for it.


Please call the studio if you have any questions or problems during the healing process.

  • Leave your bandage on until tomorrow morning
  • When removing the bandage, you may feel it catching on the new tattoo. If this occurs, remove the bandage under hot running water.
  • Wash your tattoo with mild soap using clean hands, not a washcloth. After your tattoo is clean, pat it dry with a clean towel, or better a paper towel.
  • Do not rebandage your tattoo
  • Treat your new tattoo as a minor burn or scrape. Let it air out the first few hours before applying a topical solution. We suggest Aquaphor or Curel. Only use lotion sparingly, as needed.
  • Do not soak, sweat or pick at your tattoo while it is healing and always protect your tattoo with sunscreen.