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Amanda Myers

I am proud to say that I received my tattoo training and much more from Don Deaton, owner of Sea Tramp Tattoo starting in 1991. After several years of working there, I branched out on my own and started Infinity Tattoo on east Burnside in 1994.

Over the past 21 years [...or take a few ,for taking time off to be with my small children]  I have been blessed with getting to work with many talented artists, some for a short time, others for longer.  It's been a pleasure to see where everyone's paths take them. Through all my life changes, tattooing has been a constant and powerful force, I am forever thankful for the gifts that this art has brought to me, some expected, but most very unexpected.

When I am not working on my art or running the day to day business stuff, my time is spent with my 2 beautiful children (yes, they draw on themselves constantly!), working away in my way to big garden, talking to my 5 chickens or wrangling the thousands of honeybees that I keep , designing and sewing the occasional garment, crocheting silly little things and attempting to play piano. My family loves to travel, and tattooing has given us the freedom to take our work with us to many different places, probably one of the neatest perks of my job.

Fine Art Dolls by Amanda Myers

Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom and her mice

Spring Blossom and her mice

Spring blossom is another of my fully pose-able dolls inspired by the forest and nature. She is made like my other dolls, with a wire armature padded and covered in silky cotton blend fabric.


Dia de Los muertos art doll

Dia de Los muertos

Dia de Los muertos

This pretty lady is made with a fabric covered and padded wire armature so she is fully pose-able. Her body is made from a silky cotton blend stretch fabric.


Marmalade kitty art dolls

Miss Tabitha & her Boyfriend

Miss Tabitha & her Boyfriend

Miss Tabitha is a fabric covered wire armature doll, making her almost fully pose-able. Her fuzzy crocheted ears and braids are made of vintage golden mohair.


I have always been a maker and art has always been part of my life.I attended California Institute of the Arts earning a costume design degree in 1988. Its been a journey and I am forever grateful to all my clients and fellow tattooers for all the love and support all these years.

Now, after 20 years, I have put my tattoo machines away and have been intensely focused on producing my fine art dolls and paintings.These are some elaborate labors of love that take up much of my late nite time.

My work has been shown in the greater Portland area and out of state in caf├ęs and several prominent galleries, as well as selling on line.

Thank you for taking the time to see what I've been up to.

To view my work and for purchasing information please see my Etsy site at:

My website featuring fine art dolls

Instagram: mandysuemyers

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