Address 3316 N. LOMBARD ST. PORTLAND, OR 97217

Shashonna Knecht

I am a native Oregonian and have a extensive background in both practical (illustration, sculpture, painting) and impractical art (set design, fabrication, special FX and bodypainting). I was drawn to tattooing early in life and relocated to the midwest at the young age of 19 in order to apprentice at a traditional tattoo shop. I moved back to the Pacific Northwest as soon as I was able and found myself living and tattooing in North Portland.

I enjoy working with lots of color, and tend to draw inspiration from flowers, animals, vintage illustrations and legends. I look forward to meeting new folks and collaborating in order to create something beautiful!

The best way to contact Shashonna about a tattoo is to call Infinity at 503-231-4777 to speak with someone about scheduling an initial consultation for your custom piece!

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